Do you have questions about how this whole process works? If so maybe you find your answers here!


What do I get?

You will receive an SVG file (if applicable), DXF file (if aplicable), PNG file, and JPG file to use for your crafting and cutting needs. Print and Cut files will only come with a PNG file and a JPG file.


What do I need to purchase and use a design?

You will need a cutting machine such as the Silhouette Cameo or another comparable cutting machine. Your machine may or may not come with software capable of using SVG, DXF, JPG, OR PNG files right out of the box. With the silhouette you can use dxf, jpg, and png files with the software that comes with the machine. Silhouette does offer an upgrade to its out of the box software that will allow you to use all of these file types listed. Sure Cuts A Lot and Make the Cut are also great software programs that you can purchase at an affordable price to be able to use these file types. A DXF file is included in the cut files for cut files but not print and cut files.


When and how will I receive my design?

After your order process is complete you will receive an instant download link. You will also receive an email containing the links within minutes of your purchase. When you click the links your download will begin. It is a zipped file, so in order to use the design you must unzip the file first! Make sure your computer settings are set to allow zip files. You can also log into your account and retrieve any purchases at anytime.


Do you offer instant download?

 Yes! Once your order is complete you will be redirected to the instant download link by clicking complete order. You will also receive an email containing the download links. These links never expire.


What format's do the designs come in?

SVG files come in svg format, PNG format, DXF, and JPG format.

PRINT AND CUT files come in PNG and JPG format.


What machine do you recommend?

I use the Silhouette Cameo but there are other great ones on the market. This is just the one I personally use.


How do I cut out my SVG file?

In your cutting program of choice, merge or import your SVG file of choice. You will then see the design on the cutting mat. You can resize it to your desired size. Make sure you have the keep proportions selected or locked!  Keep all layers the same size so they will layer properly. Load your cutting materials to your machine and cut!



How do I add a name or initials?

This will be done in your software of choice.


 Do you offer refunds for duplicate orders?

No I do NOT offer refunds! I will however be glad to send you another design in place of your duplicate. It is a good idea to check the designs you already have before ordering or as you are ordering. I do understand it happens though especially when you get excited over a great sale:)



 *You do NOT have to log in when making a purchase! Your order is automatically added to your account by the site since your username is your email address. You will want to use the same email address each time you order so it will be easier for you to access your designs if they are all in one account!


Your account is automatically created when an order is placed. When you place an order your username (email address) and a temporary password is sent to you with your order. It will be at the bottom of the order. The first time you log in it will give you the option to change your password. You can then logout and log back in with your new password and access any orders.

Thanks for taking the time to read! If you have any questions or suggestion on things to add to the FAQs page you can reach us through the contact link.